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This page will be updated as new dates and events are made available.  Clicking on the highlighted links will take you to that section or event information.


2018 Installation Schedule

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Month Day Time Description & Location
April   14th 5:00 pm Cypress Court #5     (potluck, practice & Installation)
April   15th 2:00 pm Mizpah Court #2
April 7th 7:00 pm Sequoia Court #15   (following early meeting & practice)
April 17th 7:00 pm Dogwood Court #3    (following regular meeting)  

2018 Grand Lecturer/Assistants Official Visits

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Month Day Time  
Cypress Court #5               
Dogwood Court #3              
Sequoia Court #15              
Mizpah Court #2                 


Scheduled GRM Official Visits 2018 
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Month Day Time Location
 October 13th 7:00pm  Cypress Court #5
 November 20th   7:30pm  Dogwood Court #3
 December 15th     Mizpha Court #2

Events will be added as they are received.


British Columbia Events
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September 18 Dogwood Court #3 - Initiation, speak to RM, Cathy Duncan to offer assistance 7:00pm
September 27 Tulip Court - WA 7:30pm
Sept 27 - 29 Grand Court of Iowa - Des Moines, Iowa  
October 4 - 6 Grand Court of Idaho - Riverside Hotel, Boise  
October 5 Mizpah Court #2 7:30pm
October 6 Sequoia Court #15 7:30pm
October 13 Cypress Court #5 - Official Visit 7:00pm
October 16 Dogwood Court #3 7:30pm
October 24 Tulip Court - WA   Official Visit 7:30pm
November 2 Mizpah Court #2 TBA
November 3 Sequoia Court - Annual Mystery Dinner TBA
November 10 Cypress Court #5 7:30pm
November 20 Dogwood Court #3 - OV 7:30pm
November 21 Tulip Court - WA 7:30pm
December 1 Sequoia Court #15 7:30pm
December 8 Cypress Court #5 7:30pm
December 15 Mizpah Court #2 - OV 7:30pm
December 18 Dogwood Court #3 7:30pm
January 26 GC Robbie Burns Dinner TBA
February 8 Sequoia Court - Casino Night TBA

TBD = To Be Determined / TBA = To be Announced


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