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HL Susan Bay
Grand Royal Patron
SK Bill Duncan
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Grand Elected Officers
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Grand Royal Matron  HL Susan Bay  
Grand Royal Patron  SK Bill Duncan  
Grand Associate Matron  HL Donna Lee McMurchie  
Grand Associate Patron  SK John McMurchie  
Grand Treasurer  HL Phyllis Fox  
Grand Secretary  SK Kevin FitzGerald  
Grand Conductress  HL Kathryn Whitwell  
Gr. Associate Conductress  HL Kary Barros  
Chairperson of Trustees  SK Fraser MacDougall  
Grand Trustee 2 Years  HL Kerri Grant  
Grand Trustee 3 Years  HL Jessica LeForge  
Chief Comm. of Appeal  HL Stacey Kumar  
Gr. Comm. of Appeal 2 Yr's  HL Betty Fennell  
Gr. Com. of Appeal 3 Yr's  HL Carolina Gonzalo  
Grand Appointed Officers
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Office Name Court
Grand Prelate SK Andy Reid  
Grand Marshal HL Shari Gillies  
Gr. Marshal in the East HL Barbie Glaspey  
Grand Marshal in the West HL Karin Lawson  
Grand Lecturer HL Pat Haywood, PT  
Grand Standard Bearer HL Karen Yoshioka
Grand Historian HL Julianne Scott, PT
Gr. Frat. Correspondent  HL Xanadu Hauser  
Grand Truth HL Marguerite Gussman, PT  
Grand Faith HL Darcy Hansen  
Grand Wisdom HL Eleanor Johnson, PT  
Grand Charity  HL Joy Suchla  
Grand Musician HL Bizzy Herbolsheimer  
Grand Warder SK Robert Purpura  
Grand Sentinel    
Grand Page HL Pat Haywood  
Grand Crown Bearer HL Sharon Hadcock, PT  
Grand Sword Bearer SK Robert Whitwell  
Grand Representatives
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Alaska HL Kathy Stutt  
Arizona SK Kevin FitzGerald  
California HL Mary Peddie  
Colorado HL Anne McDougall  
Georgia HL Gail Campbell  
Idaho SK Ed Scott  
Iowa HL Shari Gillies  
Louisiana SK Rod Hansen  
Massachusetts SK Rob Purpura  
New Jersey HL Darcy Hansen  
New Mexico HL Karen Yoshioka  
New South Wales HL Pat Haywood  
OKlahoma  HL Tylere Christensen, PT  
Ontario SK Robin Metcalfe  
Oregon HL Julianne Scott  
Philippines & South Carolina HL Carolina Gonzalo  
Tennessee HL Donna Lee McMurchie  
Washington SK Andy Reid  
Grand Lecturer Team
Grand Lecturer - HL Pat Haywood, PT
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HL Betty Fennell Mizpah Court #2
HL Kerry Grant Dogwood Court #3
HL Pat Haywood Cypress Court #5
HL Kevin FitzGerald Sequoia Court #15
Standing Committees
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Committee Name Court
Audit  SK Robert Whitwell  
HL Carolina Gonzalo  
HL Julianne Scott  
Budget    SK Fraser MacDougall  
HL Kerri Grant  
SK Ed Scott  
HL Karen Yoshioka  
SK Rod Hansen  
Delinquent Courts HL Joy Suchla
HL Karin Lawson
HL Jessica LaForge
Grand Court By-Laws HL Shari Gillies
HL Stacey Kumar
SK John McMurchie
Dispensations & Charters HL Phyllis Fox  
HL Karin Lawson  
HL Darcy Hansen  
Elections SK Fraser MacDougall  
SK Rob Purpura  
SK Robert Whitwell  
Finance  SK Ed Scott  
HL Karen Yoshioka  
SK Rod Hansen  
Fraternal Relations SK John McMurchie  
SK James Gonzalo  
SK Kevin FitzGerald  
Jurisprudence SK Rob Purpura  
SK Andy Reid  
SK Fraser MacDougall  
Leadership Training HL Donna Lee McMurchie  
SK John McMurchie  
HL Kathryn Whitwell  
HL Kary Barros  
Membership HL Karen Yoshioka  
HL Carolina Gonzalo  
HL Karin Lawson  
New Courts HL Barbie Glaspey
HL Stacey Kumar  
HL Eleanore Johnson
Printing HL Shari Gillies  
HL Barbie Glaspey  
Publicity/Press HL Donna Lee McMurchie
SK John McMurchie
HL Pat Haywood
School of Instruction HL Pat Haywood, PT  
Betty Fennell - Mizpah Court #2
HL Kerri Grant - Dogwood Court #3
HL Pat Haywood - Cypress Court #5
SK Kevin FitzGerald - Sequoia Court #15
Subordinate Court Rules & Regulations HL Stacey Kumar  
SK Lawrence Balonggay
SK James Gonzalo
Web Page SK Fraser MacDougall  
  SK Rod Hansen  
  SK Rob Purpura  
  HL Kerri Grant  
  SK Robin Metcalfe  
Web Administrator HL Susan Bay  
Special Committees
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Annual American Invasion HL Pat Haywood  
  HL Shari Gillies  
  HL Kary Barros  
  HL Jessica LaForge  
                   HL Tylere Christensen, PT  

Amaranth Newsletter

HL Shari Gillies
Assistants HL Pat Haywood  
Amaranth Book Bursary HL Donna Lee McMurchie  
SK John McMurchie  
HL Kathryn Whitwell  
Crown & Sword HL Pat Haywood  
All Subordinate Court Royal Matron's
Diabetes Coordinator HL Phyllis Fox  
Ways & Means HL Shari Gillies  
All Grand line Officer's
Sunshine HL Pat Haywood  
Session Committees
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Address & Distribution  HL Pat Haywood  
Sessions Chairperson

Arrangements Team

HL Betty Fennell  
SK Fraser MacDougall  
SK Bill Duncan  
SK Rob Purpura  
SK John McMurchie  
SK Robert Whitwell  
SK Rod Hansen  
SK Kevin FitzGerald  
SK Robin Metcalfe  
Credentials HL Karin Lawson  
HL Joy Suchla  
SK James Balonggay  
Courtesy SK Kevin FitzGerald  
HL Carolina Gonzalo  
HL Kary Barros  

All Court Associate Conductresses

Decorations HL Joy Suchla  
 HL Kary Barros  
HL Julianne Sott  
Necrology HL Joy Suchla  
HL Kerri Grant  
HL Kary Barros  
Registration HL Kathy Stutt  
HL Donna Lee McMurchie  
HL Stacey Kumar  
Session Site Fraser MacDougall - Trustee  
HL Kerri Grant - Trustee  
HL Jesse LaForge - Trustee  
HL Kathryn Whitwell  
HL Kary Barros  
Grand Court Banquet (Fri) HL Kary Barros  
HL Julianne Scott  
HL Carolina Gonzalo  
Grand Court Luncheon (Sat) HL Stacey Kumar  
HL Tylere Christensen, PT  
HL Amrita Mann, (Volunteer)  
Transportation Fraser MacDougall / Chris Long  
Andy Reid  
Ed Scott  
Rod Hansen  
Kevin FitzGerald  
"Volunteers Always Needed to Assist on This Committee"



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