Welcome to the Grand Court of Amaranth web page.

My name is Shari Gillies and I am the current Grand Royal Matron of the Grand Court, Order of the Amaranth, British Columbia.

I became involved in the Masonic fraternity after my daughter joined Job’s Daughters in 1992 and my son joined DeMolay after his 13th birthday in March 1993.  I was Mom G to a whole bunch of young people, young people who were confident, involved and busy. I was a fan.

And then my friend told me about the Order of the Amaranth, a mostly women’s group she had just joined. I was intrigued. Would it provide an adult with the same confidence and sense of belonging as the IOJD and DeMolay had done for my children?

I can safely say that it did and still does. The Order of the Amaranth is ritualistic with ceremonies of initiation, installation, memorial, funeral and the accompanying memory work. What a great way to keep your mind active. They say that memory work, crossword puzzles and other word or number games help to keep dementia at bay. I’m for anything that keeps my mind intact.

We do good things.  We fund raise! Diabetes research is our main focus but we have raised funds for a whole host of other worthy causes. We have cooked many meals for theme dinners, sold pies and chocolates, held garage sales, hotdog sales, teas, fashion shows, jewellery parties, Tupperware parties; the list goes on and on.

We socialize! At all the fund raising events, at pot luck dinners, pub nights, travelling to other jurisdictions for their fund raising events and meetings.

We form friendships! What started out as a casual mom meeting mom at a DeMolay or Jobie event has become a true friendship; what started out as a member helping another member has become a true friendship. Friends of all ages, walks of life, different stages of life…there’s no end to how or where a new friendship begins. And who in this life doesn’t need another friend.

I laugh to myself when someone says to a prospective new member “It’s only one meeting a month. You’ve got the time.” Well, yes, it can be only one meeting or evening a month and that may be how you start out but you soon find that isn’t enough. To make it meaningful, to make those friends, to help out a fellow member, it takes more time. If you’re not prepared to make new friends, spend time for a worthy cause, and become a better person then the Order of the Amaranth isn’t for you. I think it’s worth the time for what I’ve gained since my initiation in 1994 and I’m sure you will too.

Remember this “You only get out of something what you put in” and that holds especially true of any service organization.

HL Shari Gillies, Grand Royal Matron

Welcome to the Order of the Amaranth Grand Court of BC web page, and thank you for your interest in the Order.

I have been a Mason for nearly 20 years, and a member of the Order of the Amaranth for 10 years. I joined the Order in 2010 to support my daughter who was looking to find the friendship, and exciting and fun times, that she had experienced as a member of Job’s Daughters a few years earlier.

Our Order has become known for many daughter and father teams over the last few years, many of the young women asking their Dads to join them as their partners as the principle officers of their Court.

Amaranth is also a wonderful place for a married couple to experience the friendship and fraternal privileges that a Masonic Order provides. There have been many wife and husband teams partnering as principle officers of their Court and Grand Court over the years.

I have found my time in the Order very rewarding. I have had the pleasure of supporting my daughter as her Royal Patron three times when she was Royal Matron of her Court, and I have also had the wonderful opportunity of supporting two magnificent Grand Royal Matrons as their Grand Royal Patron, in 2017 and this year in 2020.

My wife has now joined the rest of our family at Dogwood Court, and we enjoy attending the meetings and events together, particularly the many social events that take place, such as theme dinners, barbeques and picnics. We enjoy the friendship and camaraderie, and we always have a wonderful time.

I hope you find our website informative, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

SK Bill Duncan, Grand Royal Patron