What is the Order of the Amaranth?

The Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal, social, and charitable organization which endeavors to develop the moral character of its members through the teachings of Truth, Faith, Wisdom, and Charity. Our membership is open to female relatives of Master Masons and Master Masons themselves. Also, since 2002, members of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls and the International Order of Job’s Daughters, who have been active for at least 3 years, or who have attained majority, are eligible for membership.

Our primary philanthropic project is to support the Amaranth Diabetes Research fund. This fund, in conjunction with the Canadian Diabetic Association of BC, Research is an organization that finances research projects that are working toward a cure for diabetes, both juvenile and adult onset. We also fund scholarships for Masonic related youth who are going on to college.

In 2016, the Grand Court of British Columbia reached the $200,000 milestone in donations to the Canadian Diabetic Association of BC. At our 2018 Grand Court Session we raised and donated $19,000.

We invite you to spend a little time on our site getting to know us a little better. We hope that you are impressed by what you see and consider joining our organization sometime in the near future.